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Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure along with my Co-Chairs Dr. Veronica Slootsky, USA, and Dr. Inbal Reuveni, Israel, to welcome you to the United Arab Emirates for this historic international congress. A Joint US-UAE-Israel Congress: Women's Mental Health 2022 (WMH2022) to be held February 6-9, 2022 at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City in Dubai, UAE.

The theme of this meeting on women’s mental health is a key theme for the 21st century in our region of the Middle East specifically but also throughout the world. Studies show the close connection between women’s mental health and that of women’s children and families. Schooling or education and equality for women increases their mental health; increased psychiatric services and psychological empowerment helps women achieve access to education and equality. Therefore, as psychiatrists we are full partners in the efforts of mental health teams to increase mental health as well as participants in the social changes that are affecting all our societies.

We hope that delegates will not only participate in our scientific sessions but also take time before and after the congress to see the amazing city of Dubai and the sights and sounds of the United Arab Emirates. Both our historical culture and our modernity will be of interest to the delegates from around the world and we hope you will take advantage of the tours that will be offered to you by the organizing company. Our hotel, transportation, culinary and sports facilities are among the finest in the world and we know that these will both make your stay very pleasant and enhance your ability to take advantage of our scientific program.

The setting of our congress in the aftermath of the historic Israel-UAE Peace Treaty mediated by the United States gives this special meaning and is a cause for special celebration.

Please join us in Dubai from February 6-9, 2022, in our live conference with the Corona era behind us and looking forward to the future of the 21st century in psychiatry.


Samia AlKhoori, MD

Co-Chair UAE

Acting Head, Psychiatry Department, Rashid Hospital – Dubai Health Authority
President, Emirates Society of Mental Health